Raise a glass to the New Year! Here, a plain bucket is transformed into a cheery party decoration.

How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Using a large flat brush, paint the bucket white. Let dry and apply a second coat. Let dry completely.

Step 2

Using a large dauber, load the gold metallic paint and randomly apply dots starting from the bottom. Repeat with medium and small daubers until you have the desired design. Let dry.

Step 3

Using a small brush and the gold glitter paint, continue adding dots, overlapping some of the metallic dots. Repeat with various sized dots until you have the desired amount. Let dry completely.

Step 4

Prepare stencil by peeling to remove it from clear backer sheet. Place stencils centered on the surface and press in place.

merch champagne bucket product
Step 5

Stencil "CHEERS" in black paint with small dauber as shown. While paint is still wet, carefully peel off stencil. Let dry.


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