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Aww, Look! It's a Birdwatcher Mom and Bluebird Baby Costume Idea

Because she never takes her eyes off the little one.

bird watcher blue bird family halloween costumes
Photography by: Janelle Jones

An avid birdwatcher always keeps an eye on those little winged wonders with a pair of binoculars. And is Mom any different? For a Halloween costume that pairs parents and teeny-tiny trick-or-treaters, we introduce: a birdwatcher and her bluebird. After all, everyone loves a cheerful bluebird. His costume captures the beauty of the real bird's plumage with ironed creases, and just a little stitching and snipping. What's more, the wings slip on and off easily without restricting baby's motion. Easy, comfortable, and clever—sounds perfect for any parent, right?


bird watcher halloween costume binoculars
Photography by: Janelle Jones

The Birdwatcher


Now's the time to break out those binoculars! And whatever else you can scavenge from your closet, safari-style. Other than the hat and water canteen (both of which you can find at camping-supply stores), the rest of this costume is just run-of-the-mill street clothes. If you're playing the role of vigilant birdwatcher, dress up in neutral, outdoorsy garments such as the military-style jacket and brown pants shown. And don't forget a pair of sensible shoes (a birdwatcher wouldn't).


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bluebird baby halloween costume
Photography by: Janelle Jones

The Bluebird


Who could resist smiling upon spotting this itty-bitty bluebird? His plumage of blue feathers is crafted from wool felt (as opposed to synthetic, which would melt when ironing those crisp, pleated lines) then stitched together with 6-ply embroidery floss. A pleated tail that swishes when he walks fans out from the back. Give him a befittingly airborne-named pilot's cap, and he's ready to fly.


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