Now, decide: Who is the chicken? And who is the lamb?
chicken lamb halloween kids costumes
Credit: Janelle Jones

As Old MacDonald proved in his nursery rhyme, a countryside farm holds an endless menagerie: cows, horses, pigs, ducks. But none of them hold our hearts like these two charmers. Our all-time favorites—a chicken and a lamb, respectively—pair up together for the cutest best friend Halloween costume idea. Although fun for all ages, we like this for younger children. Use the simple soft designs here to ensure that your little one feels comfortable in their get-up. Both costumes are undoubtedly as cute and cuddly as the wearers and will make for a fun Halloween.

lamb costume
Credit: Janelle Jones

The Lamb

She may be baaa-shful, but who could find fault in this darling little lamb? To keep her comfy and warm, a double-layer of "fleece" is crafted from wool batting, gathered, and sewn to a sleeveless leotard. This woolly pullover is worn over a black long-sleeved shirt and leggings. Top off her look with a cotton hat of floppy felt ears, and let your baby ewe out to graze...for candy, that is.

chicken halloween costume girl
Credit: Janelle Jones

The Chicken

We're not yolking: This costume will be the squawk (er, talk) of the neighborhood. This sprightly spring chicken flaunts her plumage of downy-soft white feathers that's crafted from a boa wrapped around the body. Two leotards are layered, stuffed with fiberfill, and sewn at the seams for extra-warm insulation-and a rounded belly. The yellow claw-like "feet" are made from rubber household gloves, which slap the ground as she walks. (Guaranteed to make everyone smile and laugh.) Give her a crest of red felt atop her head, and all that's left is to let her "cluck-cluck" from door to door on Halloween night.


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