Triple the costumes means triple the fun.
undersea group halloween kids costumes lobster mermaid octopus
Credit: Janelle Jones

Ready to dive into something new? The kids sure are-they're always up for an adventure, especially one in uncharted waters. This Halloween, gather a trio for this group costume theme: underwater creatures from the deep blue sea. A mythical mermaid is joined by her two friends: an adorable octopus and a little lobster. And cool as they look, they're warm enough to wear on a night of trick-or-treating in the late autumn season.

octopus halloween kids costume boy
Credit: Janelle Jones

The Octopus

Who could resist smiling at this eight-legged cutie? The genius of this costume is how comfortable it is to wear: eight tentacles are cut from stretchy knit fabric, stuffed with fiberfill, sewn together with elastic that gives them their curly shape, and looped onto a waist-hugging belt. The rest is easy: a beanie hat with big felt eyes, and an outfit that keeps him warm for a night of trick-or-treating.

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lobster halloween kids costume boy
Credit: Janelle Jones

The Lobster

Put your claws up! This crustacean costume is perfect for babies and toddlers alike. A scalloped skirt is layered over a long-sleeve romper and leggings. The oversize claws (use our printable template for this) fit like mittens over his hands and come with an additional sleeve for his fingers to reach through with ease. And for the googly eyes, ping-pong balls are colored with round black pupils and stuck onto pipe-cleaners through a comfortable cap.

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mermaid halloween kids costume girl sea shells crown necklace
Credit: Janelle Jones

The Mermaid

This magical princess may cause you to do a double-take, and not just because she's a mythological creature washed ashore. Her ensemble comes with a modern-day twist to the traditional fishtail silhouette. Her secret? Leggings. We fashioned a metallic pair with two tulle "tails" that easily slip onto the ankles with elastics. For her top half, a colorful tank-top is layered over a long-sleeve shirt and knotted in front. For the finishing touches? Let her craft her own imaginative accessories-a seashell necklace, a triple-tiered crown.

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Feeling inspired? Watch how to get the complete mermaid look with a fishtail braid:


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