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Michaels Kids Offers More Creative Toys and Activities Than Ever Before

Boredom, you're officially busted.

Photography by: Courtesy of Michaels

Children learn through the art of play. What's more, toys spark an interest in the arts and sciences help to foster creativity, boost healthy brain development, and prepare them for the future. S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) toys encourage creative innovation in the form of play and provide the foundation for lifelong learning experiences.


That's why we're excited for the launch of and its emphasis on learning by doing. As part of the launch, Michaels is rebranding its in-store kids presentation and expanding its assortment in store and online of creative toys and activities developed to help kids learn, grow, and explore—all screen-free.


When you shop online, you can find exclusive online-only items and search by age group. You can also see which items would be available at your local store. Attend a kickoff event at locations nationwide on October 6, 2018, where Michaels stores will host a family-friendly scavenger hunt, toy giveaways and pumpkin decorating demonstrations. Customers will also receive a coupon for 20 percent off of their entire purchase, free Kids Club passes and special savings for shopping online.


In the meantime, we scoured the inventory online to highlight our favorite items (and add them to our holiday checklists for later).

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birdhouse kit
Photography by: Courtesy of Michaels

Stanley Jr. Birdhouse Wood Building Kit

Looking for a family weekend project? This kit comes with everything needed to teach your little builder how to assemble and paint a custom birdhouse. Then, watch the birds flock to your window.

SHOP NOW: $25,

MS Crafts paint
Photography by: Courtesy of Michaels

Martha Stewart Family Friendly Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint

New from Martha Stewart: This nontoxic paint comes in over a dozen bright colors. Although, we're partial to this aquatic hue aptly named "Kiddie Pool."

SHOP NOW: $8.99,

solar system kit
Photography by: Courtesy of Michaels

Creatology Painted Solar System Kit

Countdown to lift-off! Perfect for a budding astronaut, this kit includes everything needed to assemble a small solar system—dowel rods, a foam ring base, and 10 pre-painted balls as the planets.

SHOP NOW: $15,

yarn llama
Photography by: Courtesy of Michaels

Craft-tastic Kit, Yarn Llama

Cute animals and creativity? Double-win in our book: Kids can make this super-soft, on-trend llama by wrapping the cardboard form with yarn, then dressing it up with a blanket and a bridle of pom-poms and thread. 

SHOP NOW: $20,

magnetic putty kit
Photography by: Courtesy of Michaels

National Geographic Magnetic Putty

Science and magic collide in this putty-making kit from National Geographic. Magnetic particles in the putty cause it to respond to magnets—making it move, tremble, and dance. 

SHOP NOW: $12,


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