Why This Mermaid is Our Halloween Costume of 2018

It's bound to make a splash.

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Photo: Janelle Jones

Ready to reimagine and transform into something new? As Halloween draws near, it's time to decide on a showstopping costume whether that means spreading wings to fly, sharpening claws, ruffling a few feathers, or proving that unicorns are more than mere myth.

But if you ask us, we say it's a perfect time to flaunt your fins.

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Janelle Jones

Our pick for Halloween: Mermaids. After all, what's not to love? They're fun, graceful, the life of the party (and they somehow always manage to have fantastic hair). "The Little Mermaid" we know wanted nothing more than to trade her fins for legs-we say, why not have both?

Because here's our trick for a costume your little one can actually walk in with ease: printed leggings and ruffles of tulle. For leggings, you'll want to pick a pair with metallic sheen that gives off some extra shimmer. (Don't all mermaids love shiny things?) To make the tail, gather fabrics like tulle, glittered tulle, and organza (all available at craft stores) in your mermaid's favorite undersea colors; cut and stack them, and run an elastic gold cord through the center. This slip-on tail fits on the leg without sliding off-making it comfortable enough that she can flaunt through a night of trick-or-treating with finesse. Help her pick out her own undersea accents like seashell jewelry, a crown, and a fishtail braid.

undersea group halloween kids costumes lobster mermaid octopus
Janelle Jones

Have her join a group of undersea friends and, then let's face it, she's a trick-or-treating trendsetter-at least until the end of the night.

For the finishing touch? Watch how to braid her hair into a fishtail:

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