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Floral Skull and Skeleton Hands Centerpiece

Could you use a hand—or two—with the flowers for your party? When guests arrive, be sure to introduce them to your dear, departed decorator.

floral skull and skeleton hands centerpiece on table

Photography: Addie Juell

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2018


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  • "Black Beauty" roses, allium, and carnivorous cobra lilies

  • Glass vase

  • Human skull (Pictured: Hbarsci human adult skull anatomical model, $29,

  • Articulated hand models (Similar to pictured: Maymii PVC human hand anatomical models, $27 each,

  • Candlesticks or bud vases (Pictured: Pedestal bud vases, 8", $16 for 4,


  1. Re-create our arrangement of smoke bush, 'Black Beauty' roses, allium, and carnivorous cobra lilies in a glass vessel, then set it inside a human skull. (Okay, ours is actually an anatomical model with a detachable top and roomy brain cavity.)

  2. Articulated hand models make terrific taper holders, too: Hot-glue them to candlesticks or bud vases, or just prop the lightweight appendages in place.

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