An iridescent fringed party curtain, glittery fabric (for ears and hooves), a pleated dancer's cape, and an LED candle (for the horn) are the magic ingredients that make this winged pony glow.
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How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Mane and tail: Gather curtain into a "ponytail" about 2 feet from bottom; secure with string. Cut off part of curtain 2 feet above string, so you have two roughly even sections. Set aside part you just cut off (the tail). Hot-glue top edge of remaining curtain down center of hood; cut off excess. Repeat two to three times, hot-gluing additional strips of curtain on top of first to form a mane; let dry completely. When ready to wear, trim front of mane to create "bangs," and safety-pin reserved ponytail section to leotard and tights through string.

Step 2

Horn: Unscrew candle top from base. Roll plastic wrap into a loose "rope." Wrap around candle so it’s tapered like a horn, thickest at the bottom and narrowing to a point; secure with hot glue. Mist all over with spray adhesive and decorate with glitter. Tap to remove excess. Hot-glue candle base onto center of headband; let dry completely. When ready to wear, screw candle top with battery into base to illuminate horn.

Step 3

Ears and hooves: Cut 2 triangular shapes with rounded bottoms out of canvas and 2 out of vinyl. Hot-glue backs of vinyl pieces to backs of canvas pieces. Curve bottoms of triangles so that "ears" stand up, with vinyl on inside of ear shape; hot-glue onto headband and let dry completely. Cut two 6-inch doughnut shapes out of vinyl, with openings large enough to fit wrists and ankles, then cut in half, for "hooves." Stick halves of Velcro on opposite straight edges of hooves to secure to themselves.

Step 4

Put on dance cape for wings.


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