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Spider Toss Game

Test the kiddos' spidey senses with a creepy-crawly Halloween game.

black tape web on floor with plastic spiders

Photography: Addie Juell

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2018


For this game, you will need floor-marking tape. It's the smart choice for defining lines (such as those of a spiderweb) on any smooth floor surface—made of heavy-gauge vinyl for durability, and backed with adhesive that has a moderate tack for easy-to-install application and removal (read: it leaves no residue and won't damage your hardwood floors). 


To play the game, give all the girls and boys an eight-legged game piece, and invite them to throw down. Let each player take three throws, then add up their totals—or speed the fun along by playing in single rounds. The highest-scoring spider tosser wins. (Note: Best for children 3 and older. Larger soft-to-the-touch spider toys make it safer for little kids to play the game, but smaller spiders will work well for slightly older players.)


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  • Black gym-floor tape

  • Number stickers

  • Toy spiders (Pictured: Safari Ltd. Hidden Kingdom black-widow spiders, $9 each; and orange-kneed tarantulas, $11 each,


  1. Using black gym-floor tape, mark off a "web": First make a giant asterisk, then connect the lines with strips of tape, working from the middle out. (Don't worry if it’s a little wonky—a spider wouldn't.)

  2. Use number stickers to assign points to each tier.

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