Some superheroes have X-ray vision. You're more of an X-ray visionary, creating ominous ambience in minutes flat. Who else would have thought to slip anatomy cards into apothecary jars, then drop in a flameless candle to illuminate the malevolent collection? (Well, we did—but great minds think alike, don't they?)
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glass jars with images of animal x-rays

For this project, you will need to curate your own collection of creepy-crawly critters. The specimens we've selected—reptiles, amphibians, and insects—are all eek-inducing and prime for dissection, biology-class style. These are real X-rays printed on clear, heavy-duty plastic and will emulate the flicker of a flameless tea light placed inside. Hosting guests for the Halloween fun? Mark each jar with a label reading the scientific name of your X-rayed creatures, and they will look like they're straight out of a mad scientist's laboratory. These would fit perfectly alongside skeletal fixtures, botanical artifacts, and other oddities found in a cabinet of curiosities themed Halloween party.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Remove the lid from jar; wash inside, and let dry completely.

Step 2

Slip a single X-ray anatomy card into glass jar, curling to fit through opening as necessary. (Note: Use scissors to trim for a better fit if needed.)

Step 3

Illuminate: For safety reasons, use battery-operated votive candles.


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