From the knees up, you're a law-abiding citizen. Below the ankles, you're a werewoman on the prowl. (Don't forget to howl at the moon.)
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werewolf boots against pink background

For this costume, you will need a set of clip-on hair extensions. You can match them to your hair color or your boots for a corresponding look. Placement of the clip-on extensions will vary depending on the height of your boots. You only need one clip-on set for a full hair extension. Although if you want to create a style with lots of volume, then you may need two packs of hair. To complete your werewolf ensemble, follow our tutorial for bold werewolf-inspired makeup. The dramatic makeup and boots solidify your look, so there's no need for elaborate clothing; an everyday outfit suggests a transformation in progress.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Open the clips on the hair piece by snapping the sides backwards. Click the hairpiece onto boots at the cuff.

Step 2

Optional: Trim hair extensions for desired length.


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