Adorned with pastry leaves and flowers and filled with pork and chicken, this savory pie is a game-changer.

game pie martha bakes
Credit: Mike Krautter

The majority of the baked goods on "Martha Bakes" might be sweet, but that doesn't mean Martha can't do savory. She's going full throttle in the latest episode with a truly majestic meat pie. It's inspired by a traditional British game pie, which is typically stuffed with meats like venison, rabbit, pheasant, and wild boar, and marked with family crests and coat of arms. Martha's using a rich mixture of pork (fatback and shoulder) and chicken (thighs and livers) for the filling and decorating the top crust with leaf and flower cutouts instead. Speaking of the crust, this savory pie relies on a unique hot-water pastry dough that keeps all the delicious meat juices inside without becoming soggy. The result? A showstopping, super-hearty pie that will be the talk of any dinner party. And that's not all-Martha's also baking two fruit pies that are sure to be scene-stealers in their own right. Get a sneak peek at the recipes below, and be sure to tune in this weekend.

game pie martha bakes slice removed
Credit: Mike Krautter


Cognac, fresh herbs, spices, and sliced pistachios amp up the double-meat filling in this weekend-project pie. The finishing touch? A quick aspic made with chicken stock and gelatin to seal the pie.

Get the Meat Pie with Hot-Water Crust Recipe
blueberry lattice pie martha bakes
Credit: Mike Krautter


Fresh blueberries need little more than lemon and cinnamon to shine beneath this lovely lattice crust. Creating the pattern is easier than it looks-just make sure to reserve enough space in your freezer to chill the dough in between weaving.

Get the Blueberry Lattice Pie Recipe
poached pear cranberry pie martha bakes
Credit: Mike Krautter


You're going to want to bookmark this recipe for the holidays! Pears and cranberries are simmered in a bath of white wine and spices for the irresistible, seasonally appropriate filling. A petal cookie cutter is all you need to pull off the fancy top crust.

Get the Poached-Pear and Cranberry Pie Recipe

"Martha Bakes" season 10 airs on PBS stations nationwide (check local listings).


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