Be a blackbird in the dead of night with a shimmering cape of fine feathers.
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black bird feather cape

Use this diagram to gauge how long to make the cape. Measure from the base of your neck down to the intended hem (the neckline measurement will stay the same no matter what your size). When buying fabric, purchase yardage equal to twice the length of the cape.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Cut a semicircle out of black felt, then cut a notch in the center of the straight side to make an opening for your neck.

Step 2

Hot-glue on overlapping rows of feather trim, working from bottom up.

Step 3

Finish by hot-gluing ribbon around the neck, leaving ends loose to serve as a tie; let dry completely.

Step 4

When ready to wear, adhere feather lashes to your eyelids.


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