Flaunt a pretty braided updo and remind your kids that Mom has eyes in the back of her head.
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Before you begin, learn how to braid hair with one of two techniques: the classic braid or French braid. We like the romantic look of an infinity French braid, which is made by styling long hair into a loose wraparound crown that starts at the base of the head and continues along the hairline, across the forehead; the end is secured with a hair elastic, then tucked into the braid using bobby pins to keep the crown in place. To keep the style looking soft, pull out a few wisps of hair near the front. This can be done with hair extensions as well: simply pull back your your natural hair and pin the braided sections into place.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Hot-glue doll peepers onto hairpins.

Step 2

Optional: Buy three hair extensions and braid them. If you have long hair, separate it into ponytails and braid them, too. For short hair, just pin up ends.

Step 3

Wrap braids (real or extensions) into a bun; pin, and nestle eyeball pins into braided hair.


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