Those gorgeous curved velvet sofas in your Instagram feed aren't going anywhere.
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curved green sofa with palm
Credit: Courtesy of Anthropologie

In the same way that the September issues of fashion glossies get us excited for sweaters and boots, Anthropologie's fall catalog has us dreaming about cozy and (stylish!) home updates.

After all, before Pinterest, the brand was one of our main sources for design inspiration and consistently stocks its shelves with lust-worthy home décor.

This season, along with its gorgeous fall journal, "Portrait of a Home," Anthropologie released 2,500 new products-its biggest launch to date. Looking to make some updates for the season ahead? We spoke with Chris Sotz, head buyer of home, to find out what trends to invest in-and how to pull them off.

pink plush bed with child
Credit: Courtesy of Anthropologie


You know all those lush curved sofas you're seeing in your feed? They're not going anywhere. "We're introducing a lot of new collections that have that curved-line work, like the Grace Serpentine sofa, that our customers immediately gravitated toward," says Sotz. And why are we so drawn to these beautiful curves? "It feels feminine. It just feels new," says the expert. "It feels a little sexier, a little more sophisticated. It definitely has that European look."

blue sofa and green armchair
Credit: Courtesy of Anthropologie


Velvet is everywhere these days, but Sotz says the fabric feels really fresh when you see it on curved shapes. "Velvet has a luxe look, but we also have a lot of performance velvet. It's a fabrication that can take every day wear and tear from kids and pets and family and still look great." Another bonus: It pairs well with brass accents, which are still going strong.

pink accent chair and floral wallpaper
Credit: Courtesy of Anthropologie


The journal's eclectic cover image features a bedroom with lively tropical print wallpaper, a glamorous teal velvet bed, sophisticated black and white polka dot bedspread, and a tribal print side table, which somehow all works together. "We're seeing this shift into maximalist really happening in the interior space," explains Sotz. "I was in Milan in Salone del Mobile, where I really saw this embrace of color, artwork, mixing things together, and throwing out the rules of what goes with what. It's all about putting color combinations together that are fun and optimistic and make you happy."

farmhouse dining table with leather chairs
Credit: Courtesy of Anthropologie


Another major trend emerging is living simply. "This is one of the fastest-growing parts of our business right now," says Sotz. "Life is busy these days, and because of social media and being so connected, people get a lot of information all the time. This idea of having your home feel calm and simple and maybe even pared back is appealing." But simple doesn't mean boring. In fact, Sotz says it's made us appreciate the the beauty of natural material like rustic woods, rattan, macramé, and bamboo so expect to see more beautiful artisan details.

decorative baskets hanging on wall and dog laying on couch
Credit: Courtesy of Anthropologie


"We are obsessed with putting baskets on walls," says Sotz. "People really embraced wall hangings, and we think these beautiful woven baskets are such a fun new way of taking that plate-on-the-wall inspiration and channeling it in natural material."


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