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A Delicious Week of Almost Fall Dinners

We're still grilling!

Senior Digital Food Editor

Monday: Grilled Pepper and Red-Onion Pizzas

It's grilled everything tonight. Whether you grill outside or use a grill pan on the stove, you'll be grilling the veggie toppings and the whole pizzas for this quick, colorful meatless meal. And using store-bought dough means you can get these individual pies on the table in just 35 minutes.


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TUESDAY: Sausage-Stuffed Zucchini

Photography by: David Malosh

Consider this a season-straddling meal, using the bounty of summer zucchini that's all around but turning it hearty as only a sausage filling can. (And if you feel so inclined, these boats can be made a day ahead and refrigerated, then baked the day of eating.)


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WEDNESDAY: Chicken-Mozzarella Melts with Cherry Tomatoes

chicken mozzarella melts with cherry tomatoes
Photography by: Armando Rafael

Who doesn't love tomatoes and mozzarella? Here, we pair cherry tomatoes with their favorite cheese but cook the tomatoes with piquant Peppadew peppers and also invite quick-cooking chicken paillards to the party. 


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THURSDAY: Salmon Nicoise with Caper Dressing

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

And then there's this magnificent dinner salad to brighten up your week. Do you love a Niçoise salad as much as we do? Have you ever tried it with salmon before? Make this 40-minute main tonight and taste how the salmon pairs beautifully with creamy potatoes, briny olives, and tender green beans.


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FRIDAY: Beef Bulgogi

beef bulgogi
Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Another steak Friday but this fast dinner uses rib-eye, sliced thin and quickly marinated in a soy-sesame marinade before stir-frying. Serve with rice, kimchi, chiles, and scallions, and let everyone make their own lettuce wraps.


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SATURDAY: Pressure-Cooker Tamales

pressure cooker rajas tamales plates glass
Photography by: Marcus Nilsson

Tender, fluffy tamales in no time at all! The Instant Pot or pressure cooker makes short work of cooking these cheesy parcels. The most time-consuming part of this dinner might be wrapping the dough in corn husks. Serve with black beans—bonus points if you cook them in the pressure cooker!


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SUNDAY: Smoky Grilled Chicken with Sweet Vinegar Sauce

Spice-Rubbed Grilled Chicken with Sweet Vinegar Sauce
Photography by: Armando Rafael

Because it's not officially fall yet and the weather is still likely to be extremely summery, we're grilling tonight. Another reason to cook this recipe? It's absolutely irresistible; a whole chicken is cut into pieces and marinated in a smoky spice rub, then grilled and brushed with a salty-sweet vinegar sauce. Will you enjoy it with potato salad or cornbread?


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