Flaky puff pastry, rich mascarpone cream, juicy raspberries—need we say more?
raspberry mascarpone tart martha bakes puff pastry drinks
Credit: Mike Krautter

What does Martha always have in her freezer? Puff pastry! The buttery dough makes an excellent base for all kinds of delicious treats. In the latest episode of "Martha Bakes," Martha puts the versatile ingredient to both sweet and savory use. She also goes all out with the embellishments, scoring the dough with a fork, rolling it with a special tool called a lattice cutter, or weaving strips together. You can easily recreate Martha's puff-pastry magic; just remember that depending on the temperature of your kitchen and on how quickly you're working, the dough can get soft, so make sure there's room in your freezer to chill the dough. Get an early look at Martha's recipes below, and don't forget to tune in this weekend.

raspberry mascarpone tart martha bakes puff pastry
Credit: Mike Krautter


In this impressive dessert, jewel-like raspberries are nestled in a rich mascarpone cream flecked with vanilla bean and lemon zest and framed by a golden puff-pastry crust.

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saucisson en croute puff pastries martha bakes
Credit: Mike Krautter


French for "sausage in crust," this pastry is basically a supersized version of pigs in a blanket. And while bigger doesn't always mean better, it certainly does in this context. Martha wraps a garlic sausage in puff pastry, then uses a a lattice cutter to imprint the dough with most intricate pattern. Serve with grainy Dijon mustard, cornichons, and a simple green salad for a company-worthy supper.

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apple jalousie tart martha bakes puff pastry
Credit: Mike Krautter


Jalousie means two things in French: "jealousy," which is apt since this dessert is sure to inspire envy, and "shutters," which are the inspiration behind the artfully arranged slats of pastry. The filling is just as alluring: apples baked with cognac, vanilla bean, and lemon until tender and syrupy.

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"Martha Bakes" season 10 airs on PBS stations nationwide (check local listings).


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