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15 Dogs Who Are Ready for Sweater Weather

The snuggle is real.

toy poodle in red and white sweater
Photography by: Caroline Bennett/GettyImages

The only thing better than cozying up in a sweater once fall arrives? Cozying your dog up in a sweater.


Yes, pups and sweaters go together like pumpkin and spice. From poodles in pullovers to cockapoos in cardigans, we can’t get enough.


Need a dose of the warm fuzzies? Look no further than these sartorial pooches rocking their finest handknit threads and once you're inspired we have plenty of crafts for your pooch.


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Kimchee has a taste for the finer things in life, such as handknit merino wool. See also: ear scratches.

One long winter’s nap, coming right up. Our friend Billy takes his snuggle game seriously.


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The look you make when your mom makes you try on her latest crochet project. Don’t worry, Otis—you can pull off anything.

Tucker has many questions, but the most pressing one is quite simple: “Why?”


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As he gazed off into the horizon, Billy couldn’t help but think about how ridiculously handsome he looks in a funnel neck.

We just think it’s important for you to know that this happened. You’re welcome.

Because sometimes you have to up your knitwear game. Look out for this handsome devil on the holiday party circuit.

Kyo is keeping things on-trend this year with a hand-knotted boho fringe.

“This is how you wear this thing, right? Right?”

Who’s a handsome boy? You are, Tucker—you are.

As much as Polly appreciated her new handknit Fair Isle sweater, she had qualms about the Nicolas Cage pillow. File that one under #CraftyMomProblems.

From her custom wardrobe to her drink order, everything about Tiny is a little bit extra—and she’s perfectly comfortable with that.

A stickler for tailoring, Mochi likes to have multiple fittings to ensure that couture look.

Kenzie knows she looks adorable in cable knit, but you can tell her anyway.

Your move, Kanye.