According to Pinterest it's all about bullet journaling, meditation and staying organized.

By Kate Winick
August 30, 2018
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January isn't the only time for fresh starts. Once back-to school season rolls around our focus shifts from beach days to organizing our daily routines. If this is the season you've decided to get serious about self-care, you're not alone-in a new report, Pinterest tracked the top terms users have been searching for in recent months, and found that the key to success is developing healthy habits. Whether you're working on career goals or creating a streamlined and happier home during the long winter months ahead, there's something that's guaranteed to make your life a little better.

The bullet journal is quickly gaining popularity as an organizational method.


Self-care begins and ends with mental health, so make sure to take some time to turn inward and focus your thoughts. Bullet journaling shows no sign of stopping its upward trend, and it's used as both a morning and a bedtime routine to help you collect your thoughts, track progress towards your goals, and celebrate your successes. If you'd prefer a more spiritual approach, Pinterest noted a 48 percent increase in searches for meditation gardens and a 38 percent increase in meditation spaces, so if you've got a cozy corner of your home that's not getting much use, consider reserving it for a quick meditation practice a few minutes every day.

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Another meditative practice we know all about: cleaning and organizing your home. And Pinners are focusing on their closets, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms, making more than 9.7 million total searches to help them get organized over the past year. For fall and winter, with their surfeit of bulky items, that means increasing storage, particularly for purses and blankets, and searches for hidden storage increased almost 60 percent.

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Decor can do more than just improve the appearance of your home, too-many Pinners are seeking to biohack their environment, adding things like blackout shades, low-blue lights, and air filters to improve the quality of their sleep and their overall performance.


If you've got Instagram-worthy beauty goals, Korean beauty, with its emphasis on highly structured multi-step regimens, continues to trend upward in interest. Searches for "classic bobs" (one of the absolute top 20 searches globally) indicate that a low-stress hairstyle is high on millions of to-do lists.


In the health and fitness space, it's all about feeling good. Searches for front splits, the ultimate challenge in dance, yoga, Pilates, and a number of other disciplines are up 151 percent, and all you need to get there is a simple daily stretching practice. Interest is also rising in the fast-growing practice of BUTI Yoga, an intense blend of tribal dance, plyometrics, and fast-moving vinyasa that's easy to access on DVD and online as well as in studios around the country.

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