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dorm room makeover
Credit: Courtesy of Lindy Goodson / @the_real_lin_shady

The best way to describe a college dorm room at first sight, before any makeover magic happens, is an empty, sterile box. Cement floors, creaky bed frames, plastic-covered mattresses, and some sort of linoleum flooring-these are the calling cards of the basic dorm room. And at many colleges, these relics hail from decades past, making it all the more dismal.

Southern ladies don't take this sitting down. Instead, we engage is some much-needed sprucing. We roll out the cute patterned rug, hang those twinkling lights over the windows, and pack as many fluffy throws and pillows as we can fit into that 15x15 box. Some go even further, like Ole Miss student, Lindy Goodson, who's turned into a bit of an expert. (Her freshman dorm room went viral in 2016.)

This year, Goodson and her roommate kicked off junior year with a dorm room makeover that made us do a double, and then triple, take. Where are the creaky wooden lofted beds? The sad gray walls? Apparently, hidden strategically behind some genius design sorcery. Check out the full transformation below, and find Goodsons' related blog post here.

dorm room makeover
Credit: Courtesy of Lindy Goodson / @the_real_lin_shady


We weren't joking. Found in the Phi Mu sorority house, the teeny tiny room leaves a lot to the imagination. It's bare, it's boring, and it needs some loving.

dorm room makeover
Credit: Courtesy of Lindy Goodson / @the_real_lin_shady


Pick those jaws up off the floor. If this dramatic transformation tells us anything, it's that HGTV needs to hop on this wagon. Fast. Forget tiny homes, we're ready to binge dorm room wars on a rainy Sunday afternoon. "Our main goal: beautiful, cozy, affordable," Goodson said in her blog. "We re-used a ton of things from my house last year and dorm room freshman year."

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dorm room makeover
Credit: Courtesy of Lindy Goodson / @the_real_lin_shady


The Ole Miss students show their school spirit with custom lettering paying homage to the Rebels, but it's the décor dripping in pink and gold that really takes the cake. "In a small room, the main attraction is really the beds, and the beds are really the single totally customizable part and the one thing that can set you apart from the rest," Goodson went on.

dorm room makeover
Credit: Courtesy of Lindy Goodson / @the_real_lin_shady


As for her dorm room tips, a custom headboard will make bare frames feel cozier and stylish, which you can find here on Etsy.

"I ended up getting my quilt in the full/queen size to ensure that it had a long enough drop on these raised beds, and to make sure I could reuse it in the future," Goodson noted.

For those who've recently had the dorm experience, the decked-out abode doesn't seem too crazy. Most dorm décor can be passed down (or in this case, perhaps auctioned off?) to younger siblings, friends, or sorority sisters. It's like passing down heirlooms, college edition.

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dorm room makeover


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