Trim this red panda into shape along the patterns in the yarn. The low-placed eyes give it such an innocent look. 
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This pom-pom project is reprinted with permission from "Pom Pom Animals: 45 Easy and Adorable Projects Made From Wool" by crafter Tsubasa Kuroda. See more of her adorable handmade crafts in our exclusive interview.

How to Read the Diagram

Open diagram (pictured here) under the Materials list. The △ mark indicates where you will first tie the pom-pom in the center. Encircled numbers "1" through "10" show in which order to wrap the yarn and the number after it indicates the number of times to wrap the yarn. Use the angle markings in the center to gauge where each yarn should be wrapped. When you wrap the yarn around the bottom set of arms, turn the diagram upside down to check the positioning of the yarn. The ▲ mark indicates where you will nally tie the pom pom in the center, and where the kitchen twine (or embroidery thread) will come out.


Various colors and thicknesses of yarn are used to create a pom-pom animal's subtle tones and patterns. If you can't find the same yarn shown here, it is fine to use yarn that is a close match in color and thickness. In the case that you use the same size pom-pom maker with a different thickness of yarn to that indicated, the thinner your yarn, the more times you will need to wrap it, while with thicker yarn, you wrap it less times. If you're worried about whether the yarn you have is the wrong size, try changing the number of times you wrap it.

Completed Size


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Use a 2.5 inch pom-pom maker and wrap the yarn in order from 1‐8 (referring to above diagram). Cut the wrapped yarn, then thread twine in the gap and tie a double overhand knot at mark knot 1. Bring the twine around to mark knot 2 and tie a double knot. Take the pom-pom out of the maker, gently shape it, then apply glue to the knot in the twine. 

Step 2

Cut the back flat, then cut the contours of the face while looking at the pom-pom from different angles. 

Step 3

Prepare 20 strands of 3.9-inch long colored melange (01) yarn (10 for each ear). Use a felting needle to work the folded strands into the pom-pom. Trim the ears into shape. Prepare 6 strands of 2.4-inch long colored melange (01) yarn (3 for each ear), and work them into the outside edge of the ears. Then trim them to create ear tufts.

Step 4

Prick the muzzle area to make it trim.

Step 5

Attach the eyes and nose with glue.

Step 6

Take a small amount of the felting wool or yarn. Work it into the pom-pom to create nose and mouth markings. 

Step 7

Cut the excess twine, attach a brooch back to the back of the pom-pom with adhesive, and the piece is completed.


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