Paint the beautiful mosaic pattern of stained glass windows on a fall pumpkin.

How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

With a medium flat brush, paint the large and small pumpkin with Wedding Cake. Apply a second coat if necessary, then let dry completely.

Step 2

Paint another small pumpkin with Wet Cement and let dry. Apply second coat and let dry completely.

Step 3

Using the patterning tape, start at the top of a pumpkin around the stem, and apply an angled piece from top to bottom. At varying angles, continue to layer more pieces of patterning tape, intersecting at various points, creating polygonal shapes in between. (Note: Make sure all tape is firmly pressed down onto the pumpkin surface so that the paint will not bleed under tape.)

Step 4

Using small daubers, dab Tartan Red, Beetle Black, and Gold into individual sections as shown. Apply a second coat if needed, remove tape, then let dry completely.

merch geo paint pumpkins product
Step 5

With small flat brush, paint stems in Gold. Let dry completely.


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