New This Month

15 Kitchen Essentials That'll Instantly Upgrade Your Space

These new, high-quality and eco-minded finds will be your favorites.

kitchen sink with gold faucet
Photography by: Addie Juell

With a setup like this, doing dishes is a pleasure. Ceramic crocks corral brushes, and hand soap sits in a naturally antibacterial hinokiwood dish. $20,

better basics kitchen collage
Photography by: Peter Ardito; Courtesy of manufacturer (compost bin)

Better Basics 

Brushes with Greatness

Get dishes squeaky-clean and make quick work of hard-to-scrub items, like reusable straws and water bottles, with Bürstenhaus Redecker and Crate & Barrel tools. They’re eco-friendly and crafted from natural materials. From $5 each,;


Wonder Wipes

You’ll go through fewer paper towels with Libman Wonderfiber cloths on hand. The moisture-wicking fabric grabs crumbs, swipes up smears, and keeps surfaces shiny. $4.75 for 2,


The Right Rack

Proof that there’s always room for innovation: The sleek Yamazaki Tosca dish rack fits neatly over a sink or on a counter in its tray. $70,


Stellar Scrubbers

Durable copper Bürstenhaus Redecker pot cleaners gently remove tough food without chemicals. (They’re safe for everything but nonstick cookware.) From $10 each,


An Infinite Loop

The continuous Ancient Industries towel and roller are always at the ready and look neat and even, like a well-behaved tea towel. $20 and $45, To clean, just slip the towel off its notched wooden bar.


Compact Composter

Its walnut shell, removable insert, and tight-fitting stainless steel lid make the Alabama Sawyer Petite Noaway compost bin perfect for a countertop. $145,


A Padded Perch

Cooking and cleanup duty feel much easier on your feet when you stand on a cushy, stain-resistant GelPro mat. From $50,

hardworking helpers kitchen collage
Photography by: Peter Ardito; Courtesy of manufacturer (bread bin)

Hardworking Helpers

A Resilient Rug

 The bold Mediterranean print and practical vinyl surface of a Beija Flor mat bring style into the spill zone. From $82,


The Modern Bread Box

Stash a few loaves in a Monika Lubkowska-Jonas bin, then flip the lid for an instant cutting board with crumb-catching grooves. $125,


A Magnetic Mop

The vibrant, shaggy wool fibers on a Sladust Big Wooly mop aren’t just for looks; the lanolin they contain is naturally talented at attracting and grabbing debris. $35,


A Leave-It-Out Ladder

Don’t put this baby in the corner—or the closet. The Lucano three-step stool (shown in Mint Green) is pretty enough to hang on a wall. $149,


The Fresh-Pick Protector

A removable, machine-washable bamboo liner in this Windy Willow Farm bag keeps produce crisper longer. From $23,


A Better Bucket

The elongated shape of the Casabella four-gallon bucket allows for effortless dunking and fits like a Tetris piece under your sink. $10, A rimmed top helps wet hands get a grip.


Sustainable Sponges

Inject a little fun into daily dishwashing with playful, pop-up Sqwishful scrubbers—and when they wear out, you can compost them. $6 for 3,


The Cranny Cleaner

A telescoping tip lets the small but mighty Black + Decker lithium handheld vacuum reach under the fridge and around pets’ bowls. $60,


Learn how to organize a junk drawer in our video below.