Rickrack appliqué school supplies are great materials to have when kicking off the school year. 
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Get an A+ for style with rickrack appliqué school supplies, including notebooks, book covers, and pencil pouches. A soft, single-sided rickrack trim has infinite uses. Delicate but incredibly durable, this zigzagged strip can be easily adhered onto garments, upholstery, accessories, or anything else in need of sprucing up. The fresh colors and stylish trim will make these school supplies complete. Here are three quick ways to rack up compliments in class (or in the conference room) this fall. 


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Cut the classic zigzag trim to fit, and attach it with the fabric glue.

Step 2

For the notebooks, start the rickrack trim inside the bottom of the cover, and secure it all the way around the front, leaving the other end loose to serve as a wiggly bookmark.


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