Martha's orange curd-filled vanilla cupcakes might just become your new favorite dessert.

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Credit: Mike Krautter

The cupcakes trend may not be as dominant as it once was (although word is that they're finally getting an emoji!), but they're still as delicious as ever, especially if Martha's baking. She puts just as much effort into the base (vanilla-buttermilk or dark chocolate) as the toppings. And while there's a time and place for a simple frosting-and-sprinkles combo, it's Martha's creative use of glaze, marzipan, candies, and even sugared flowers that sets her cupcakes apart. Get a sneak peek at the recipes below, and be sure to tune into "Martha Bakes" this weekend.

orange curd cupcakes martha bakes
Credit: Mike Krautter


If you were a fan of orange creamsicles growing up, you'll adore the combination of orange and vanilla in these cupcakes. Orange zest and vanilla bean flavor the batter, homemade orange curd serves as the filling, and vanilla frosting and dried orange slices adorn the tops.

Get the Orange Curd Cupcakes Recipe
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Time to break out the food coloring! Tint a batch of buttercream yellow to fashion sunflower petals, then create the centers with chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. For the ladybugs, you'll need two colors: red for their marzipan bodies and green for the piped buttercream grass they call home. Use chocolate candies to form their heads and wings.

Get the Ladybug Cupcakes Recipe
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White chocolate ganache becomes the loveliest shade of lilac when you stir in a couple drops of purple and violet food coloring. Use it to glaze these fudgy brownie-like cupcakes, then finish with a matching lavender-hued decoration: crystallized pansies.

Get the Brownie Cupcakes with Sugared Pansies Recipe

"Martha Bakes" season 10 airs on PBS stations nationwide (check local listings).


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