From pull-apart bread to jam-filled croustades, these breakfast pastries are all ideal morning treats.

brown butter swirl martha bakes breakfast pastry coffee
Credit: Mike Krautter

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not make it one of the sweetest? Instead of dishing out a Classic Omelet or a plate of Avocado Toast, take the rich route and serve your family a confectionary concoction for their morning meal. Here, we show three different yet equally glorious pastries everyone is sure to devour. They all start with flaky yeasted dough and then transform into something all their own once shaped and filled with various delights.

A favorite (and for good reason), is our delicious Brown Butter Pull-Apart Bread, which features a melt in your mouth brown sugar cinnamon swirl. Another celebrated recipe shows off the complex texture and flavors of poached pears and frangipane. And for a truly flaky option, we love the Jam-Filled Croustades—you can actually see the layers of dough come through the baking process. The result? Three weekend projects that are sure to tempt any brunch guest. Ahead, take a look at why these pastries reign supreme over our breakfast menu.

brown butter swirl martha bakes breakfast pastry
Credit: Mike Krautter

Brown Butter Pull-Apart Bread

A spectacular way to kick off brunch, our Brown Butter Pull-Apart Bread combines some of the best ingredients of baking: Butter and sugar. In fact, brown butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon swirl together into this easy-to-share pastry. The whole thing is baked in a giant cake pan and is fun to eat by hand thanks to its pull-apart nature.

pear frangipane martha bakes breakfast pastry
Credit: Mike Krautter

Pear-and-Frangipane Pastries

Two fillings set these oh-so-elegant Pear-and-Frangipane Pastries apart: A layer of the velvety almond pastry cream known as frangipane and plump pears that adorn the treats. The pears are poached with vanilla bean and cinnamon—creating a heady aroma and even better taste.

jam filled crostades martha bakes breakfast pastry
Credit: Mike Krautter

Jam-Filled Croustades

Aptly named (the word "Croustades" means flaky in French) and even better tasting, these Jam-Filled Croustades are perfect for showcasing your favorite jam. Whether you make your own or use store-bought, include your preferred flavor at the center of these Danish-like pastries for a truly unique recipe that is tailor made for your taste


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