There's a job opening in the kitchens at Buckingham Palace.

By Connor Greene
July 27, 2018
Credit: Getty Images

Buckingham Palace commands nothing less than food fit for a queen––but whose culinary skills are up to par with the demands of the Royal Family and their entertaining schedule? The Royal Household is hiring a demi chef de partie whose role will involve preparing meals for state dinners and royal receptions. A demi chef de partie, ranks above a commis chef or apprentice chef and below a chef de partie who oversees an entire section of the kitchen. The demi chef de partie acts as a valuable assistant to executive chefs and has an array of different tasks in the kitchen.

This prestigious position is live-in, it comes with accommodation at Buckingham Palace (for which there is a salary adjustment) and ironically, meals are provided.

"Every day will be different. You'll prepare receptions and state dinners, as well as staff lunches," says the job description. "This is no ordinary Demi Chef de Partie role. In our state-of-the-art kitchens, you'll prepare classical and contemporary menus for a wide range of events, learning essential skills that will provide stepping stones for a great career." Bolded in the job description is stated that the chef is there to "[Learn] new techniques to deliver the oldest traditions."

Perhaps the prestige of the job is factored into its salary? The position pays just £21,151.88 a year, approximately £2,000 less than the average for chefs at that level in London. Or maybe the lower salary reflects having meals and accomodation provided? And not just any accomodation. Having Buckingham Palace as your address definitely adds to the experience, both from a boasting and also from a practical perspective: the cost of living in London is higher than even NYC. How much of the 828,820 square feet of the palace the demi chef de partie gets to live in we don't know. Still his is one very royal opportunity.


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