Because tricky things come in small boxes.
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In the grand scheme of moving, jewelry may seem like a small concern. But as anyone who has ever untangled a necklace knows, you don't want to untangle twenty.

Packing up your baubles? Check out these expert tips and handy hacks.

Valuables and Heirlooms

To prevent any pricey pieces or family heirlooms from disappearing during your move, plan to hand-carry these items in a travel jewelry roll. Whether you're using professionals or moving yourself, there are plenty of opportunities for boxes to get misplaced or be stolen.

If this isn't an option, Janet Bernstein, owner of Philadelphia-based The Organizing Professionals, recommends mislabeling the box, as well as any other boxes containing valuables. "I had one client who labeled the valuable boxes as ‘kitty litter,'" she shares. "They arrived just fine."

Necklaces & Bracelets

When it comes to necklaces and bracelets, the goal is to prevent tangling.

Lisa Zaslow, owner of NYC-based Gotham Organizers, recommends Ziploc bags. "Ziploc bags are great for moving," she says. "Place each necklace in its own snack-size bag, then place the little bags in a larger bag to keep them all together." Remember, you can always reuse these or opt for cloth pouches.

If you have the time and are super-serious about preventing tangles, try threading delicate chain bracelets and necklaces through paper straws (here's why we don't use plastic straws). Take your necklace, thread it through a straw and clasp it, trimming the straw as necessary. For pieces with larger chains, try the same technique with a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll.

Whether you're using bags, straws, or rolls, carefully wrap each piece in packing paper before placing it in a box lined generously with packing paper.

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There are two concerns with earrings: keeping each pair buddied up and preventing tangling.

A sheet of foam does the job beautifully. Simply pierce each earring through and secure it, either with the earring back or with a small piece of tape. You'll also want to tape down any chandelier earrings or other dangling pieces that could become tangled. Before placing the foam sheet in a moving box, wrap it carefully in multiple sheets of packing paper.

A pill organizer can also be helpful for moving earrings or other small pieces.


Rings are the easiest jewelry to pack. Again, a pill organizer can keep them organized, or a hard sunglasses case should do the trick.

For rings and other small items, you can also repurpose an egg carton. Put each piece in an individual cup, then place a wad of crumpled packing paper on top to fill up the cup. When finished, secure the carton with packing tape and be sure to clearly label it-otherwise, your rings may end up in the recycling bucket.


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