Nothing beats freshly baked bread, even in summer.

July 20, 2018
artisan boule bread martha bakes wire rack
Credit: Mike Krautter

Homemade bread is the best kind of weekend project. Yes, it's kind of a process, but there's also plenty of down time when the dough is rising for you to get the house in order, run errands, and even shake up a piña colada (it is summer, after all!). And the reward for your efforts? The mouthwatering aroma of bread baking in the oven, followed by the delicious loaf itself. And since this is Martha's go-big-or-go-home season on "Martha Bakes," the breads are super-beautiful to boot. Get a sneak peek at the recipes below, and don't forget to tune in this weekend.

artisan boule bread martha bakes cutting board slice butter
Credit: Mike Krautter


French for ball, a boule is a classic round bread that's delicious slathered with butter or used as the base of a sandwich.

Get the Artisan Boule Recipe
onion leek focaccia bread martha bakes
Credit: Mike Krautter


Talk about a work of art! Alliums take center stage in Martha's take on the classic Italian bread: the dough is enriched with caramelized onions, and leeks and chives are pressed into the top before baking.

Get the Onion-and-Leek Focaccia Recipe
brioche feuilletee bread martha bakes
Credit: Mike Krautter


Known as brioche feuilletée in French, this beloved bread calls for layering eggy, yeasty dough with sweet butter. Martha's favorite way to enjoy it? With more butter! Add a dollop of jam, and breakfast is served.

Get the Flaky Brioche Recipe

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