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Dinner This Week Is All About Keeping Cool

Isn't that what summer meals are always about?

Senior Digital Food Editor

It’s that time again; you’re thinking about dinner and what to cook. Here’s our weekly list of suggestions: dinner recipes that take less than an hour of mostly hands-off time or cook quicker then that but may require constant stirring. Yes, there will be pasta, and, yes, it will be delicious. So visit us every week for dinnertime inspiration.

Monday: Grilled Vegetables and Halloumi Cheese with Charred-Tomato Dressing

Photography by: Jonathan Lovekin

Dinner from the grill: every element of this meatless meal takes a turn on the grill, even the tomatoes in the dressing. Halloumi cheese, a Greek classic, can handle the high heat; it becomes soft and smoky but doesn’t melt. Combine it with grilled portobello mushrooms, summer squash, and zucchini, then add in romaine and radicchio for a  colorful, hearty vegetarian main.


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TUESDAY: Poached-Chicken Cups with Ginger-Scallion Oil

Poached-chicken cups with ginger-scallion oil
Photography by: Armando Rafael

This​ ​recipe​​ ​calls​ ​for​ ​a​ ​handful​ ​of​ ​ingredients and the​ ​flavors really​ ​shine. It's a fresh, vibrant pairing of tender, perfectly cooked chicken served in crunchy lettuce cups with quick-pickled carrot ribbons (no carbs here!). Plus once you have the ginger-scallion oil down you'll be making it all the time. It's super versatile and so delicious.


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WEDNESDAY: Broiled Fish with Summer Salad

broiled fish with summer salad

We're using the broiler tonight for this ultra-fast, lively, and light dinner. If you've got 15 minutes, you've got this. Added bonus: you can use any kind of fish with thin fillets such as flounder, fluke, or lemon sole. 


Get the Broiled Fish with Summer Salad Recipe

THURSDAY: Pasta With Zucchini, Mint, and Pecorino

Here's a weeknight pasta dish that's a great way to use up those giant squash that were hiding in your garden: It calls for two whole pounds of zukes, which cook down to form the sauce. Mint is a classic pairing with zucchini—give it a try.


Get the Pasta With Zucchini, Mint, and Pecorino Recipe

FRIDAY: Grilled Lamb Burgers with Yogurt-Feta Sauce

grilled lamb burger yogurt feta sauce
Photography by: Christopher Testani

It's try Something New Friday! Just made that up but why not try something new today, like this juicy lamb burger?  The meaty patty might make you rethink your allegiance to the hamburger. Oh, and those rosemary shoestring potatoes ... something else different to try.


Get the Grilled Lamb Burgers with Yogurt-Feta Sauce Recipe

SATURDAY: Swordfish, Potato, and Onion Skewers with Golden-Raisin Agrodolce

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

This mostly make-ahead meal is inspired by the meat skewers called spiedini. A wrapping of pancetta protects chunks of fresh swordfish that are threaded onto rosemary branches, along with baby potatoes and juicy cipollini onions. A traditional sweet-sour agrodolce adds a tangy finish.


Get the Swordfish, Potato, and Onion Skewers with Golden-Raisin Agrodolce Recipe

SUNDAY: Italian Pulled Pork Picnic Menu

italian pulled pork
Photography by: Linda Pugliese

Whether you picnic in the park or on the deck, eat out today. This Italian accented picnic menu combines homemade Porchetta-inspired Pulled Pork with delicious store-bought antipasti. 


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