Sensible advice from our founder.
Credit: Linda Pugliese

Martha loves every chance to entertain and there's no better occasion to gather a group of friends than at a summer grilling party. Our founder teamed up with meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda and Jason Craven, president of landscaping firm Southern Botanical, to share tips and tricks for a successful cookout. The event featured Martha's grilling package with Pat LaFrieda and her favorite new grill: Grill Dome.

The Grill Dome, explained Craven, is a ceramic grill that can heat up in just 15 minutes. And when you're done with your cookout, you can reuse any charcoal that's not burned.

As for the burned bits, "I put those ashes right on my delphiniums," said Martha. "I put them right into the flower garden. They really are good for certain perennials."


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