Cool off with a lemon-flavored drink this season—each of our recipes features just three ingredients, which means they're easy to make whenever the mood strikes.

By Lindsay Strand
Updated July 13, 2020
Pernille Loof

Fresh lemonade is one of the most quintessential drinks of summer—no matter your age. And while we love a nice cold tangy glass, there's something to be said for innovative ways to enjoy the flavor. No offense to summer's main squeeze, but these refreshing lemonade spin-offs don't contain any fresh lemons at all. Instead, they use the fruit in different forms, from sorbet to liqueur. One drink is bubbly, another is herbal, a third is sweet, and the fourth is tangy. But all are citrusy and special.

Pernille Loof

Limoncello Sparkler

Our Limoncello Sparkler recipe is sure to delight and refresh. The only alcoholic creation on our lemon-inspired list, it's just the thing to serve at your next warm-weather happy hour. Prosecco is always a good idea, and it becomes summer entertaining-worthy with the addition of limoncello and fresh rosemary.

Pernille Loof

Lemongrass-Mint Iced Tea

Bright lemongrass provides the citrus flavor here in this Lemongrass-Mint Iced Tea. Stalks are steeped with mint tea and honey overnight then served over ice. We recommend enjoying this bright drink poolside for optimal relaxation. And it's alcohol-free, meaning everyone can have a sip.

Pernille Loof

Frosty Coconut Lemonade

Kids and adults alike will adore this frozen "lemonade" made with coconut milk, lemon sorbet, and frozen raspberries. Our Frosty Coconut Lemonade is dessert in a glass and dairy-free—perfect for those with a dairy intolerance. And it comes together in only five minutes—giving you more time to enjoy the tasty treat.

Pernille Loof

Preserved-Lemon Spritzer

Having a stash of preserved lemons in the fridge during the summer months is like having money in the bank. Pick up a jar at the store or whip up a batch of our fennel-and-coriander version for this fizzy, refreshing drink—it lends a wonderful savory note. Another quick recipe, our Preserved-Lemon Spritzer only takes five minutes to make and is chock full of flavor.


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