Elevate any entryway with this faux-textured floorcloth—all you need is this simple stenciling technique.
stenciled floor cloth

This stenciling project appeared in our story, "How to Stencil Anything with Our Masterful Technique." Nix that pricey area rug or runner for this equally chic DIY version that uses a simplier-than-you-think technique. To create this subway-tile motif floorcloth, you'll need a roller, three paint colors, and a few basic paint supplies. 


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Cover work surface with drop cloth or kraft paper. Spread out floorcloth. Using roller, cover entire surface with two coats of gray paint (visible in the "grout" lines). Let dry completely.

Step 2

Lightly mist stencil with spray adhesive and press onto floorcloth to adhere. Using a clean paint roller, apply white paint to create the "tiles." Let dry completely.

Step 3

Peel off stencil and slightly offset it. Use it as a guide to trace coral "shadow" lines between tiles with small brush. Let dry completely.

Step 4

Apply a coat of low-VOC water-based varnish to help your design stand up to foot traffic.


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