Colorful beaded bracelets have signaled summer for as long as the coolest counselors at camp have been stacking them up their wrists.
seed bead bracelets on figure

Our chic, grown-up versions are just as fun, but with one extra benefit—you don't have to sleep, shower, or swim in them, thanks to a crimp bead that makes sliding them on and off a cinch. Our secret to stringing these beauties without a headache or hand cramp? A flexible wire needle that slips right through the tiny beads.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

seed bead bracelets how to with bowls
Step 1

Trim floss to loosely fit your wrist. Thread through needle, leaving a loose tail several inches long; tape other end to a flat surface.

seed bead bracelets how to wire
Step 2

Slide seed beads onto needle; push down along floss to create your pattern.

seed bead bracelets how to with bowls
Step 3

Add crimp bead. Remove needle and tape, and thread needle onto other end of floss; pull it through crimp bead. (At this point, the beads should form a loop, and the loose ends of floss should stick out from the crimp bead.)

single seed bead bracelet
Step 4

Trim floss and knot ends. To adjust bracelet, pull crimp bead up and down.


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