Plus, tips to consider when you're planning your little one's first room.
peter rabbit nursery
Credit: Brian W. Ferry

Designers Rachel and Nick Cope were expecting their second child when Liberty of London asked the husband and wife duo behind the stunning Calico Wallpaper and home goods brand Cope, to collaborate on three wallpapers based on the Sony Pictures Peter Rabbit Movie. The couple was beyond thrilled.

"I had the Peter Rabbit collection at home and at my grandmother's so I could read it there, too," reminisces Rachel.

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peter rabbit wallpaper
The three patterns consist of Doodle, a black and white sketch with pops of color, Polka Paw, animals and paw prints on a pink or blue background, and Toille, a fun take on the traditional French design featuring scenes from Farmer McGregor’s garden. The Peter Rabbit wallpaper retails for $425/double roll, available at
| Credit: Courtesy of Cope

The line consists of three patterns and the Brooklyn-based duo decorated their three-year-old daughter Willow's room and their four-month-old son River's nursery with the Doodle print. "Willow loves it and is always looking for the rabbit," says Rachel.

We spoke to the recent mother of two for her tips on decorating a nursery beyond including adorable conversation-starting wallpaper. Here, she takes us through her design choices.


When designing a nursery, Cope says it's important to remember that you're going to be spending a lot of time in there. "It's about creating a space that's warm and welcoming to your baby or child, but also somewhere you feel cozy in." For their first, Cope and her husband chose an Eames rocker, but for River, they opted out of easy on the eyes, and went for easy on the body. Copes highly recommends getting a comfortable rocking or glider chair that you can really settle into when you're nursing.

snoo bassinet
Credit: Courtesy of SNOO


Cope started decorating the nursery in her third trimester when she was home more. This is also when those "nesting" urges kick in. "You don't want to start too soon," she says. "In your third trimester when you are feeling really in tune with your baby and more sensitive, you might make better decisions for your comfort." Also, there is so much focus on the nursery, but in the beginning the baby will really be with you, says Rachel. They currently use River's nursery during the day, but at night he is in their room in a SNOO. "It's the best sleeper on the market-it's designed so beautifully," she says.

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oeuf shelf nursery
Credit: Brian W. Ferry


Willow is three now, but Cope has never redesigned her nursery. "It's slowly shifting and growing with her," she says. They chose the Oeuf Mini Library and Oeuf crib that converts into a bed, and just made the swap. In the last few months, Willow has wanted to add more personalized touches, and it has started to feel like her room. She loves to dance, so they have a Sonos sound system where she can have her own music (the "Trolls" soundtrack) on while her parents listen to something else in the other room. "It's really about being in tune with your kids and not making it so much about yourself, but if you pick the right brands it can also fit in with your home nicely."


"Having artwork in the nursery is a way to make you enjoy it, too," says Rachel. "We framed some beautiful prints of detailed images of the surface of crystals very up close-they're really pleasing for adults and children-and, of course, the Peter Rabbit wallpaper."

rachel cope portrait with baby on lap
Credit: Dean Kaufman


"When having kids, you have to accept the new normal," advises Rachel. Things are going to get messy. Fill the space with things that won't get damaged if they fell, and that wouldn't be terribly missed if they break. Sorry, no flower vases and potted plants for now. Instead the couple decorates with lots of pillows and a really soft rug that they can easily roll up and take out of the room to clean. "When they're learning how to crawl you want something soft for them," says Rachel. "We also have a sheepskin in our baby's nursery for tummy time."


Good news: you don't need as much as you think. "With our first baby, we had so much stuff even to just go down the street," says Rachel. "We would load up as if we were going on a trip for three weeks!" But with number two, they realized they could be more minimal. When they go out, she only takes what she really needs: a backpack with a bag holding two diapers, wipes and a backup outfit. "It allows me to enjoy the experience and feel more like myself," she says. The same goes for the nursery: Cope suggests having just two swaddle blankets and burp clothes, a comfy chair, a bassinet and crib, a mobile and beautiful artwork. "Keep it simple," she says.


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