There are two techniques that make this décor project easy—etching and stenciling. Master them both to make the perfect centerpiece.
indigo votive candles

Before etching, prep the vases by cleaning them with soap and water to remove any oils from the surface.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

On each vase, tape a diagonal line across the front side. Continue the line around the rest of the vases. Refer to the project photo for placement. Using tape, mask off any visible glass above the diagonal lines. 

Step 2

Etch the remaining visible glass according to the instructions on the Martha Stewart Glass Etch Cream packaging. 

Step 3

After the etching is complete, remove all of the tape from the vases. 

Step 4

On each vase, tape a diagonal line across the front side, in the opposite direction of the etched area. Continue the tape line on each side of each vase. Refer to project photo for placement. 

Step 5

Using the 1-inch brush, paint below the line using Wild Blueberry paint on each vase. Let dry. Apply a second coat. Let dry. Carefully remove tape. 

Step 6

Using tape, mask off the Wild Blueberry area. Tape a parallel line about ¼” above this tape line. Paint this area using the #10 flat brush with Flame paint. Let dry and apply a second coat. Refer to project photo for placement. Carefully remove tape. 

Step 7

Using the border stencil from the set, place the stencil parallel to the Flame paint line. Refer to project photo for reference. 

Step 8

Using the ¾-inch dauber, stencil the border design in Wild Blueberry paint. Continue the border parallel to the Flame line all the way around each vase. Remove stencil and let dry. 


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