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A Mother's Day Party Featuring One Epic Charcuterie Board

Mom is the guest of honor at this table. And at it's center? A monumental charcuterie board—piled high with meats, toppings, cheese, and delectable fruit—which is a great way to please a crowd, and when done right, makes a great centerpiece.

When it comes to entertaining for Mother's Day, there are no set rules that say it has to be a multi-course meal. There's something magical about serving a well-thought and carefully crafted charcuterie board that will "wow" your guests. This year, I decided to invite my favorite family moms over for an intimate gathering.


One thing I have learned over the years, is that a beautiful presentation, good company, wine (or signature cocktail), fun conversation and a cozy tablescape is exactly what I want when entertaining. Toss in a giant charcuterie board packed to the brim, with a little dessert, and all your moms will be happily satisfied.

A Personalized Place at the Table

Blending with the mood board of soft pink, peach, lilac, coral and white, I made DIY place cards with 2-by-4-inch marble tiles that were left over from my kitchen renovation. I painted them with Martha Stewart Craft Paints, to give them a wispy effect. This was super easy to do, and your guests can take them home as a keepsake from the celebration.

Soft Seating

And speaking of tablescapes, I created a cozy and relaxed atmosphere by making a low table out of raw wood crates that you can find at any big box store. Depending on how many guests you are entertaining, you can judge the amount of crates you will need to make the table a comfortable size. For six guests, I used nine crates. Toss around a few pillows in soft hues and add fluffy rugs for extra comfort and a fun look.

A Feast for Grazing

The main meal at your party is the board. So when preparing in my kitchen, I prepare at least a 4-ounce serving of meat per person, a good assortment of crackers, breads, cheeses, dips, olives, fresh and dried seasonal fruits, nuts, and preserves.


Don't be afraid to choose cheeses that are a bit decadent. I love tasting samples at the local cheese market counter. Always include a variety of soft and hard cheeses—plus a serving knife for each. Guests can help themselves or you, as the hostess, can consider pre-cutting them to avoid any mess or tabletop mishaps. Some of my favorites are prosciutto, smoked turkey, sopressata and mortadella.

Blooms Abound

Fresh flowers and greenery are truly the easiest and prettiest part of the ‎décor. Local markets will have a great assortment at this time of the year. And if you live in a warmer climate, why not take advantage of fresh blooms off of neighboring trees? For my table, I chose some beautiful mums for the "mums"—a perfect selection for keeping within the theme of the day.

A Toast to Her

Serve some red wine and a delicious spring signature drink, as well. I loved this grapefruit cocktail, which was a perfect choice for flavour and the color scheme of the tablescape.

Sweet Ending

Have a few sweet-tooths in attendance? Don't forget to allow the charcuterie board to distract from other edible delights on the table such as these pink frosted vanilla cupcakes. Let your guests snack, drink, and cheer all the moms today and every day!


Author, Styling, Design & Photography: Debi Traub of SimplyBeautifulEating

Tableware, Props: HomeSense (U.S. readers can shop similar product at HomeGoods)

Linens: Cozy Linens