Pie Crust Designs

Decorative crust ideas to dress up your favorite pie. Learn the tips and techniques and find inspiration to create or own pie design.

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Our Most Showstopping Pie Crust Designs and Tips on How to Recreate Them at Home
Take your pie to the next level with these stunning creations, from simple patterns on single crust pies to intricate woven designs and creative cutouts on top crusts.
How to Make a Cinnamon-Sugar Shingled Piecrust
Mini cinnamon rolls on top of pie? Sign us up! All you have to do is roll, slice, and layer for this next-level crust.
How to Make a Fancy Fishtail-Braided Edge for Your Thanksgiving Pie
Take your crimped pie crust to the next level with a fishtail-braided rim and a scattering of cutouts. Here are the simple nips, cuts, and twists that will help you go from "ooh" to "aah" this Thanksgiving.
How to Make a Decorative Puff-Pastry Piecrust
It's all about the scoring! We show you how to put your paring knife (and artistic skills!) to work in just three quick steps.