Martha's new collection for Macy's has classic styles at budget-friendly price points.

April 30, 2018

Whether you're moving into your first apartment after college or first home after the wedding, furnishing every room can feel a little daunting. It can be overwhelming to determine which pieces you really need and how many of each is necessary-all the while staying within budget. But there's no need to replace the excitement of having your own place with panic, because the lifestyle expert herself has you covered! Martha Stewart Essentials created for Macy's is a one-stop-shop for outfitting your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and dining room. The collection celebrates styles that will forever be timeless staples, neutral colors that create a cohesive look, and price points that are budget-conscious.

macy's bedroom bedding essentials
Credit: Macy's

Create a relaxing retreat that's just for you with cozy bedding basics in soothing colors. Start with a mattress protector to keep spills and allergens at bay, then layer on a comfy mattress topper to provide pressure-relieving support for sweet dreams. Choose your sheets-patterned for added flair or solid for no-fuss style-and finish with a reversible comforter that combines two looks in one. This entire set comes in at under $250! May we suggest using the money you're saving on a new pair of slippers to complete the bedroom oasis?

macy's bathroom essentials vanity
Credit: Macy's

We're big fans of stocking up on bathroom towels and washcloths! Not only is it convenient to have an extra set on hand since you should launder them regularly, but it also makes sure you're always prepared for guests. For under $80, fill up your bathroom with plenty of washcloths, matching towels, and super-soft cotton bath rugs. Neutral Gray Slate and White Lily coordinate with any décor style, while Harbor Sky and Horizon Blue offer a refreshing splash of color.

macys cookware pan with frittata
Credit: Macy's

Instead of reaching for the takeout menu, bring out your favorite recipe and cook dinner in your new kitchen! Martha's collection has everything you need to make a savory main course and sweet dessert. A few of our favorites are a chef pan for one-pot meals, non-stick fry pans that simplify cleanup, a cast iron skillet to bring out rich flavors, a seven-piece kitchen utensil set to handle it all, and a 10-piece bakeware set for the tasty grand finale. Stock your kitchen with all of these durable, hard-working tools for less than $250!

white macys serveware with appetizers and drinks
Credit: Macy's

Show how proud you are of your first home by hosting a dinner party for family, friends, and neighbors. Take the guess work out of setting the perfect table with Martha's 12-piece dinnerware set with service for four and coordinating serveware, a utensil set that caters to any menu, and a selection of glassware perfect for sipping both water and wine. Start your own entertaining collection for under $250 and add to it as your family and needs grow.


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