Blushing garden roses and sunny oranges remind us of the warm hues of summer. This wreath is crafted with sparse greenery on a natural twig base. And when it hangs from a length of sisal rope, it swings elegantly in any outdoor space.
sweet laurel retreat hanging orange wreath

This idea comes from of Laurel Gallucci and Claire Thomas of Sweet Laurel. "For us, a great DIY is one where it's a pleasure to make and a beautiful object once you're done," says Thomas, co-author of Sweet Laurel: Recipes For Whole Food, Grain Free Desserts. "This is especially true on a relaxing ladies weekend, where everyone has different skill and interest levels. That's why this wreath project is so perfect. You can create your own wreath in five minutes or spend an hour tweaking and perfecting one. And the best part is that they look gorgeous, whether you add a few minimalistic touches or cover the entire thing with blossoms." For her wreaths, she cut a variety—some with blossoms, some with fruit, and some just leaves.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Strip flower stems of excess leaves, snipping to desired length with cutters.

sweet laurel retreat making wreaths lemons
Step 2

Secure flowers and greenery to the grapevine base using floral wire. It's best to start with an "anchor piece"—a large rose or a particularly full and lovely branch—and build out from there. Work odd numbers, not even—if you have two flowers on the wreath it looks like a happy face.

Step 3

When complete, loop the sisal rope around the wreath and hang. If you're making your wreath ahead of time, keep it in the fridge to help it last longer.


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