The only other ingredient you need for these patisserie-worthy treats is sugar.

papillons cookie
Credit: Mike Krautter

Martha's going to France for cookie inspiration on the season finale of "Martha Bakes," and lucky for us, she's bringing back recipes! As as a lifelong home cook and baker, whenever Martha tastes something delicious, she's always thinking about how to recreate it in her own kitchen. This week, she's whipping up three spectacular cookies you'll want to add to your repertoire-each one will transport you straight to a French patisserie. Get an early look at the recipes below, and don't forget to tune in for the last "Martha Bakes" of the season.


Made with nothing more than sheets of puff pastry and sugar, these flaky, caramelized cookies can be shaped like elephant ears or palm leaves, but Martha transforms hers into butterflies, or as the French say, papillons. The quality of your store-bought puff pastry is critical here-look for the all-butter kind in the freezer aisle.

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french meringues
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Martha has always been drawn to the gorgeous displays of meringues in the patisserie windows of Paris. At home, she likes making the crisp-chewy treats in a variety of hues and flavors: chocolate, raspberry, and orange.

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sables bretons cookies
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Some say sablés Bretons are the most popular cookie in France, and it's no wonder why. The salted butter cookies from Brittany (a region known for its butter) are rich, crumbly, and completely irresistible. The key is to use the best European-style salted butter you can find, it has less water and a higher fat content.

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