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7 Makers to Know if You Love Rifle Paper Co.

Bright colors, leafy patterns, and journals galore.

Artwork from Mina & Moo online Etsy store.
Photography by: Mina & Moo

Maybe you've shopped all of the patterns sold at Rifle Paper Co. (we don't blame you), or perhaps you want to get the same look for less. Either way, it's an easy fix by checking out these creative shops on Etsy. We've rounded up our favorite shops that offer gorgeous paper goods just like RPC without the high price tag. Whether you need cards or you're looking for cute gift ideas, these shops are sure to have what you want.


1. Mina & Moo

For a more DIY approach to getting new prints, check out Mina & Moo. The store offers digital prints that are directly downloaded to your computer. From there, you can choose how you use them: cards, art prints, wallpaper—the options are endless.


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Planners from Duru Naru online Etsy store.
Photography by: Duru Narü

2. Duru Narü

This adorable Korean store offers so many sweet printed planners that have the signature Rifle Paper Co. look we love so much. Pick up some cute stickers or pretty washi tape to give your planner a special twist.

Items from the Nathalie Ouederni online Etsy store.
Photography by: Nathalie Ouederni

3. Nathalie Ouederni

Find printed journals, pouches, art prints, greeting cards, and wrapping paper at this beautiful shop. The quality is comparable to Rifle Paper Co., but the merchandise is a fraction of the cost.

Photography by: Veronica Cosimetti Art

4. Veronica Cosimetti Art

Everything at this shop—stickers, prints, and notebooks—is handmade and absolutely gorgeous. We're loving the notebooks in particular, which have such unique and pretty patterns on them.


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Photography by: WallHalla

5. WallHalla

Love the Rifle Paper Co. wallpaper but don’t want to shell out all that cash to redecorate? Check out WallHalla, a shop that sells self-adhesive wallpaper in 100 different prints and patterns. It’s a fun and affordable way to spruce up any room in your home.

Photography by: Lana's Shop

6. Lana's Shop

Shop for gorgeous illustrated paper goods at this Denver-based store. Find cards, gift wrap, art prints, or notepads that look similar to Rifle Paper Co.'s, but cost much less.

Photography by: Etsy

7. LuxDesignCase

Find the floral printed phone case of your dreams at this adorable Etsy shop. Click under the "floral" category to see all of the gorgeous options—all for just $15.



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