If you have the itch to stitch, but not from scratch, take this artisanal shortcut. Start with basic tufted cushions, and give them a bohemian upgrade with fluffy accents that mimic the look of quilt knots (the hand-tied bows that make our baby blanket so precious).
tufted bench cushions

To create these denser, woolier versions, wind merino needlepoint yarn around the handle of a wooden spoon till it's as thick as you'd like, tie it off in the center, and fluff the ends. (Remember making pom-poms as a kid?) Then sew them onto the cushion's "dimples" or buttons.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Wind yarn around spoon handle 10 times, leaving a 4-inch tail on both ends. Thread one tail onto needle, slide under wound yarn, and pull through to other side. Repeat with other ends in opposite direction. Tightly double-knot tails.

Step 2

Cut new piece of yarn, about 8 inches. Thread onto needle and pull under wound yarn at center, opposite knot. Pull tight; doubleknot. Slide yarn off spoon and thread two ends onto needle.

Step 3

Stitch through center of cushion tuft, next to existing stitching; pull through to other side. Thread other two ends onto needle and stitch through opposite side of existing stitching. On bottom of cushion, gently tug both sides to nestle in quilt knot, doubleknot to secure, and trim ends.


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