Rolled Hem Napkins

No need to be matchy-matchy—a mix of patterns feels modern. Set these elegantly stitched napkins on the table, and dinner is served.

edged cloth napkins orange blue stripes folded

Elegantly edged cloth napkins aren't just for special occasions. Your family deserves them too, and you can whip up a table's worth with a yard of any fabric and a sewing machine, no serger required. The quick and easy alternative? The zigzag stitch, a back-and-forthstitch typically used in fabrics to join two pieces edge-to-edge.

When you're hemming fabric—table linens included—accuracy is important. Ensure clean lines with this trick: Draw a line on card stock with tailor's chalk, 1 inch in from the edge. Place the card stock onto fabric, with line parallel to fabric edge. Fold fabric over card stock, aligning fabric edge with line; press with an iron. Repeat, folding and pressing again to encase the raw edge, then begin stitching.

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What You'll Need



  1. Fold the fabric into quarters. Cut it along the creases into four pieces.

  2. To mimic a neatly-bound serged hem, set your machine to a zigzag stitch on the smallest possible width. Sew along the perimeter, 1/2 inch from the edge.

  3. Carefully trim the overhang or pull loose threads to create fringe.

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