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The stone terrace is planted with containers I've collected over the years.
| Credit: Pieter Estersohn

Ready for some good news? Martha has expanded her lifestyle brand on Amazon! Her official Martha Stewart brand store is your one stop shop of functional and stylish solutions designed for everyday living. Now available via one of the world's largest retailers are gardening essentials for every skill level, seafood that has been responsibly caught and farmed, gourmet coffee to start your day, and so much more. Forever the teacher, you'll also find tidbits of advice and product information throughout the site labeled as "Martha's Tips." Keep reading for our favorite items, then get ready to fill your virtual shopping cart! And make sure you keep visiting Martha's store because exciting new product categories are in the works.

Boston Warehouse Faux Bois Planters
Credit: Martha Stewart

Add a touch of rustic charm to your indoor or outdoor décor with the Martha's faux bois planter collection. Inspired by her favorite style of planters, each piece features realistic all-over bark texture, raised feet, and a drainage hole that promotes healthy plants. They're available in multiple sizes to fit the layout of your space. You can also shop the faux wicker collection, featuring a light gray finish and durable handles, and the false bottom collection, available in gray and terracotta finishes and round and square shapes.

Martha Stewart Faux Bois Planter Collection, starting at $34.97, amazon.com.

martha stewart drinking coffee in neutral colored kitchen
Credit: Fadil Barisha

The very best coffees have to be complex in flavor and never bitter or burnt. Martha worked closely with her friends at Barrie House Coffee Roasters to select blends of organic, fair trade beans. Martha's espresso is produced to strict standards that promote sustainability and ensure the farmers who grow the coffee are compensated fairly so they can invest in their communities, build their businesses, and improve the environment. Martha's blend coffee is available in regular and decaf, whole bean and ground. Choose from single serve capsules and bags depending on the style of your coffee machine.

Martha Stewart Coffee, starting at $8.99, amazon.com.

plated alaskan salmon
Credit: True North

For years, Martha has enjoyed and served True North Seafood to her family and friends. After visiting their salmon farms near her home in Maine, she saw first-hand their innovative methods of sustainable farming and fishing. Their passion for the environment and community is why they are one of North America's largest and most trusted producers of farmed and wild-caught seafood from the Gulf of Alaska to the Atlantic.

Martha Stewart Seafood Pack Up, $75, amazon.com.

green snow joe gardening tools
Credit: Snow Joe

Martha's garden and outdoor living products make even the most challenging tasks easy and enjoyable. Essential tools, cleaners, plant food, and more has been personally selected and tested on her farm so you can feel confident they'll perform for you. Maintain the health of trees and shrubs by keeping them trim and neat with Martha's power and hand tools. Protect your hands with durable, non-slip grip gloves and easily carry your gardening essentials around your home with a multi-pocket canvas bag.

Martha Stewart Garden Care and Tools, starting at $8.99, amazon.com.

gray schnauzer dog with rope dog toy
Credit: Courtesy of design LAB, Inc.

Your kitchen, bedroom, and office are outfitted in Martha-approved wares, shouldn't your pet be spoiled as well? Included in Martha Stewart's pet collection-inspired by her own love for her many furry friends-are a range of everyday essentials from stimulating toys and functional feeding bowls to cozy beds and durable leashes. Recently added to the assortment are shampoos, conditioners, paw and nose lotion, and wipes for dogs and cats. Everything is designed with your furry friend's safety, comfort, and happiness in mind and they're all made with only the best materials and ingredients.

Martha Stewart Rope Toy for Dogs, $6.99, amazon.com.

martha stewart pet cleaners and waste management
Credit: Courtesy of Fetch

Take a targeted approach to keeping your home looking and smelling its best by immediately treating pet odors and stains. Martha's pet cleaners are made from naturally derived ingredients and penetrate deep into stains to eliminate residual organics that can cause future markings. Leak proof training pads make accidents easy to clean up at home and tear proof waste bags take care of messes on the go. Her pet care collection also includes shampoos and conditioners that are paraben- and sulfate-free and made from naturally derived formulas to meet your dog's needs. Round out your care routine with hypoallergenic wipes for dogs, puppies, and cats that are great for quick cleanups on the go or at home.

Martha Stewart Pet Cleaners and Waste Management, starting at $3.99, amazon.com.


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