If not, don't fret! Martha is here to help.


Do you know how to sew a button on a shirt? What about setting the table properly or removing a stain from your favorite jacket? As a Martha fan, of course you do. You may be surprised, though, that you're much more likely to know how to do these things already if you aren't a millennial. At least, that's the conclusion drawn from a new study from the United Kingdom.

LEARN: 30 Things Martha Thinks Everyone Should Know
Credit: Paul BARBERA

The poll of 2,000 adults was commissioned by UK-based healthcare group Bupa. The survey asked individuals over the age of 55 and millennials to state whether they felt confident performing specific household tasks such as how to repair clothes, identify plants and flowers, or make jam (some of our specialties). And where do they turn when they don't know the answer? You probably aren't surprised: a whopping 81 percent of respondents ask the internet for help first. Subsequently, one in four respondents ask friends or older relatives, and one in five of them open a book. Overall, 87 percent of all adults (at all ages) wished they knew more practical skills


Of course, these skills are necessary at any age. They aren't hard to learn, and they help to improve your life a little each day. To stay on the safe side, we've listed a number of skills here with comparisons on how many respondents 55 years old or older report confidence in compare to millennials. Do a quick evaluation of yourself. How many of these tasks can you complete confidently-and how many will you learn in your spare time this week?

Feeling inspired? Watch how to assemble a handy sewing kit in a jar:


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