These caramel waffle cookies are that good.
stroopwafels cookies
Credit: Mike Krautter

We have the Dutch to thank not only for the treats Martha's whipping up on "Martha Bakes" this week, but also something more elemental: the word "cookie" itself. It's derived from koekje, which refers to the "little cake" that was sold in the Dutch bakeries of 17th century New Amsterdam (now New York City). The Dutch seemingly have a cookie for every occasion, from the spiced molded lovelies known as speculaas that are used to commemorate holidays to the irresistible waffle cookie sandwiches called stroopwafels that are reserved for something as humble as a coffee break. Get an early look at these delicious recipes below, and don't forget to tune in this weekend.

stroopwafels cookies
Credit: Mike Krautter


Luscious homemade caramel is sandwiched between crisp waffle cookies in these Dutch street snacks. It's traditional to put a stroopwafel on top of a cup of coffee to keep the drink warm and melt the caramel filling.

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speculaas cookies
Credit: Mike Krautter


The rich, spicy dough for this Dutch classic is pressed into special wooden molds, which are typically carved into designs such as windmills, designs, and people. Since the cookies reflect the image of the mold, they're called speculaas, which translates to mirrors.

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arnheim dutch cookies
Credit: Mike Krautter


Dutch for "Arnhem girls" (Arnhem is a town on the banks of the Rhine), these yeasted cookies are sprinkled with sugar during rolling and again right before baking. The result? Flaky, caramelized wonders that everyone will go gaga for.

Get the Dutch Sugar Cookies (Arnhemse Meisjes) Recipe

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