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Spring Hoop Wreath

No fussing over symmetry or bending of boughs—this minimalist wreath is fashioned from a metal ring, fresh flowers, and floral wire.

floral hoop diy

Photography: Janelle Jones

Source: Martha Stewart


Because a solid metal hoop is used as the wreath's base, it will withstand the outdoor weather—perfect for a garden party. We recommend using hardy floral varieties that come with long-lasting freshness such as the ones pictured here (fragrant jasmine, goldenrods, and blue thistles).


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  • Silver floral hoop

  • 30-gauge floral wire

  • Wire cutters

  • Flowers


  1. Strip flower stems of excess leaves, snipping to desired length with cutters.

    floral hoop diy
  2. Lay a single stem on the metal ring, and tightly bind the end with 30-gauge floral wire.

    floral hoop diy
  3. Lay another stem on metal ring, overlapping the first stem slightly, and wrapping with wire to secure.

    floral hoop diy
  4. Continue until bottom half of the metal ring is covered in greenery.

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