No fussing over symmetry or bending of boughs—this minimalist wreath is fashioned from a metal ring, fresh flowers, and floral wire.
Read step by step instructions after the video.

Because a solid metal hoop is used as the wreath's base, it will withstand the outdoor weather—perfect for a garden party. We recommend using hardy floral varieties that come with long-lasting freshness such as the ones pictured here (fragrant jasmine, goldenrods, and blue thistles).

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

floral hoop diy
Step 1

Strip flower stems of excess leaves, snipping to desired length with cutters.

floral hoop diy
Step 2

Lay a single stem on the metal ring, and tightly bind the end with 30-gauge floral wire.

floral hoop diy
Step 3

Lay another stem on metal ring, overlapping the first stem slightly, and wrapping with wire to secure.

Step 4

Continue until bottom half of the metal ring is covered in greenery.


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