They can be cute or beautiful, but most importantly, they're always functional.

vintage egg cups
Credit: Chelsea Cavanaugh

Here's a nice way to peep-er, pep-up your morning, Martha-style: Use a vintage eggcup, or when hosting houseguests, set out a mixed clutch of them. Silver-plated versions make an everyday meal feel Michelin star-worthy (and they may very well be the relics of a turn-of-the-century restaurant or dining car). Chickens and ducks lend a bucolic charm, and abound on eBay and at flea markets; some are lifelike (posed pecking and scratching), while others are kitschy and cartoonish. There's even a word for the practice of collecting egg cups: pocillovy. It comes from the Latin term pocillum ovi, which translates to "small cup for an egg."

Credit: Con Poulos

Forget your usual grab-and-go muffin and latte and start your day with a breakfast that's a little more intentional. Just a few extra minutes are all you need to soft-boil an egg, nestle it in one of these handy cups, and pair it with buttered toast soldiers (to soak up all that delicious runny yolk!). It'll take your morning from everyday to exceptional. If cracking the crust on a perfectly-torched crème brûlée sends a satisfying tingle down your spine, next breakfast, let one of these vintage cups hold your egg steady as you give the shell a good thwack! with a spoon.

Watch Martha go through her charming collection of egg cups:


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