Get into the Easter spirit with a set of floppy rabbit ears. Let kids add felt flowers or spring vegetables for a personalized touch.
easter kids crafternoon bunny dress

These headbands come from our friends at and were made at our Easter Kids Crafternoon.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Cut a length of felt to cover a headband, leaving 1/2 inch on each end and on either side of the headband. Hot glue to the headband. Cut a length of felt to cover and glue to the inside edge of the headband.

Step 2

To make bunny ears: Cut two matching pieces of felt for each ear and hot glue together. Cut a smaller inner felt ear and hot glue to the outer ear. Cut an upside down "V" shape at the bottom center of each ear to make flaps to help glue the ears to the headband. Fold down and glue two ears to the headband.

felt bunny headbands flower
Step 3

To make flowers: Cut and assemble different felt shapes. One type of flower can be a few different sizes of the same petal shape cut and glued together with a yellow pom pom in the middle. Another flower can be made by cutting a wiggly spiral shape; roll the spiral tightly together and hot glue the back of it together. And the third type of flower can be made by cutting a long length of felt and fringing one side. Roll this fringed strip tightly together and glue.

Step 4

To make leaves: Cut multiple leaf shapes from green felt. Pinch and glue the base together to give the leaves more dimension.

Step 5

Assembly: Make 4 flowers for each headband. Glue flowers to the top of the headband and glue the leaves around and in between the flowers.

felt bunny headbands carrot
Step 6

To make carrots: Cut long orange triangles from felt and glue together in a cone shape. Pinch and glue the top edge of carrot. Make 3 for each headband. Cut the carrot leaves like the flower leaves, but with longer stems. Trim out small triangle shapes along the top part of the carrot leaves. Make multiple leaves for a nice bunch.

Step 7

Assembly: Lay the carrot leaves spreading along the top curve of the bunny ear headband and glue in place. Glue a leaf stem to the top of each carrot, and glue carrots to one side of the headband.


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